Saturday, April 11, 2009


My sandals are no more. This week I have been at the beach for Sarah's birthday. This morning the whole family went down to the ocean to catch some sun. I took a shovel with the intention of digging out some trails in the sand for a rousing game of fox and hens with the kids when I stepped in a big gooey gob of tar.
The tar could not be removed without the help of chemicals which I would not to have soaked into my porous sandals.
So I trashed them. I know...tragic, right? I do take some comfort in knowing that I got them on the cheap from the thrift store. At least I'm not out a bunch of money. I think this might be my last foray into the world of used footwear though. These sandals were pretty cherry though. I could have gotten a lot more use out of them, but they served their purpose I suppose.
This tragic event necessitates the search for a replacement pair of sandals. I think I'll send Sarah to the mall later today on a fact finding mission.


MomZup said...

What kind of chemicals did you use on your porous foot? Did you mean cherry or cheery or chewy or choosy?

barefootkangaroo said...