Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ARTS AND CRAFTS, with Josh Tate

In this episode I am whittling a canoe.

At this point you may want to convert your canoe into a Christmas ornament by accid... I mean, purposefully, forcing a tool through the bottom of the boat.
Paint it green and red and that'll be a great Christmas ornament.
I felt like crying.


MomZup said...

It was a work of art . . . and then. I too felt like crying. The wood grain was stunning. The picture of Bowden holding the little canoe is total treasure!

Sherry said...

Sorry for your loss. Look on the bright side. You can make a new one. My woodworking teacher tells me the first is just for practice.

sarah said...

Jack is so skinny! He's fattened up since then.