Friday, February 13, 2009

Sarah Tate is...

...Clothes still warm from the dryer,
A soft rain,
A pleasant valley,
A day off,
Twenty dollars in my pocket,
And a million in the bank.

She is
Fire glow,
A garden full of fruit,
A sunny plain,
An orange in the snow, and
A window all lit up at night.

She is
A tractor idling,
A burst piƱata,
A broad expanse,
A cozy corner,
The end of a long day,
And a groan understood.

She is
Exciting and familiar,
The forest primeval,
An established path,
A shared memory,
A warm bed, and
Jasmine on the night air.

She is
A spacious porch
With lots of chairs,
And lemonade.

She is
My traveling companion,
And richly robed.

Happy St Valentine's day! I'm so glad that we love ourchothers!


sarah said...

I love you, too.

Tate said...

Josh, because of you I had to restrict Christine from your blogspot for the rest of the month. Hope you're happy with yourself, Romeo.