Saturday, January 17, 2009


There are scant few remaining domestic items from the pre-Sarah era, but every once in a while I will bump into some old friends that have survived the years and Sarah's merciless axe. These two items were thought by pre-Sarah Josh to be critically important in the manufacture of Maccaroni and Cheese- a staple in his diet. Like a kitten who was taken away from its mother too early I actually believed you needed to measure out the amount of milk exactly as directed on the back of the box. Their sturdy plastic construction and continued usefulness have earned them a lasting place in our cupboards. My old can opener, which was once described by my brother Joel as "the cadillac of can openers," was finally discarded last month. I insisted on doing it myself. I carried the old girl to the trash can with those same hands that had plucked it so eagerly from the display at the end of the aisle at price Chopper. It fell with a dull thunk against a can that she had failed to open. Its successor had been called upon to finish the job. I'm sorry old girl! It was hard for me.

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MomZup said...

What a nostalgic and poignant post, my little kitten!