Friday, January 09, 2009


It turns out that Trinity Theological Seminary doesn't have any frats for distance learners, or, apparently, for those students actually attending classes at the Newburgh, IN campus. Bummer, right? Maybe I should start one. Yeah! A virtual online frat! That would be cool, huh? What should we call it? Hmmm....lets see...maybe Alpha Omega. That seems fitting.

AO for life, Baby!

Now what should I do to myself for Hell Week. Oh man, I'm gonna make my life miserable! I can't wait until I'm not a pledge anymore.


Hutch said...

Biola had a chapter of AO when I was there. Apparently a bunch of schools are starting them. Maybe you can help them branch out.

Tate said...

I think Hell week should be the last week of April and end on St Rugglings day . . . just a thought.