Wednesday, December 03, 2008


This song was born late one night next to Lucy's bed side. She had been throwing up, and I was doing my best to keep her mind off of her angry tummy when somehow this song just came out. As soon as she had been succesfully ushered off to dreamland I shuffled into my room and scribbled down the words. Lucy still really likes it and a couple of times she has attempted to feign an illness just so I would sing it. For those newcomers to my blog I am aware that my voice is less than melodic, but until someone with a sweeter voice volunteers to sing all my lullabies you are stuck with me.

I thought this song was appropriate for this installment because for the past couple of days everyone in our home, save yours truly, has been doubled over a toilet (or in Jack's case the couch and highchair. Ughhhhh.) We have raised the black flag of pestilence. I credit my resistance to this plague to a stready diet of phenylalanine. Poor Sarah hasn't been feeling well at all. I think her condition is exacerbated by the pregnancy. I hope she sleeps well tonight. Maybe she would if she would allow me to sing her this song. I am investigating the possibility that it may have healing properties. Lucy seems convinced that it does- "Daddy, my tummy is better! The song made it better!"

Little Jack (or Lucy or Bowden) you're not feeling very good

'Cause your tummy isn't acting like it should

I will tell you a story

And sing you a song

And maybe by morning

You'll be better along.



MomZup said...

I have posted your song aka nausea remedy on WEB MD for you. The medical journals should be calling for their interviews soon!

All teasing aside, I loved it!

Mom 8X said...

Very good, Josh! Your song has a sound of the Irish to it.

Tate said...

"Why is it that the Tate boys are built the same way . . . we have a penchant for penning songs. What a neat family we are!" --JTT

"Uncle Josh, don't drop Jack!" -- GST

Annie said...

Yes, You Tate boys are a neat family! I'm a fan!

abigail said...

Add me to the list!

(A fan, that is, not a puker, thank goodness.)