Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Low calories, Marden observed, were not of high importance in Tonga. “Sauntering youths call out to a passing beauty, ‘Foi’atelolo, ta o mu’a mata mahina hopo! (O fat liver full of oil, let us go and watch the moonrise!),” he wrote. “The liver of a baked pig is the choice morsel reserved for chiefs, and so fond are the Tongans of fat and oily food that any right minded Tongan girl is enormously pleased at such flattery.”
Margaret G. Zackowitz

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Sandy said...

I read this a few weeks ago... or whenever you posted it, but forgot that I wanted to comment...

These are basically the people I live with. They would TOTALLY understand the sentiment. It would probably be a little different, though, like "You look like a big, fat goat, and smell like a sweaty camel. Lets smear fat from the slaughter on our dry legs and jump to the beat of the drum."