Monday, November 03, 2008


I wrote this lullaby when Jack was born (If you've been paying attention- I'm not posting these in the order that they were written.) On most days at around 12:30 or so I take Jack out onto the front porch where there is a swing, and I sing him to sleep. Incidentally, it is the very same swing that Sarah and I were sitting on as teenagers when I first confessed my love to her. So on most days Jack and I have a nice swing for about five minutes or so and then I lay him down inside. I filmed this video from Jack's perspective on the swing.

Are my nostrils really that big? Is that really a booger?



An eye! An eye!

With which to spy

The wonders God has made.

In birds in flight

And firelight

His handiwork's displayed.


An ear! An ear!

With which to hear

Of Christ who loves you so

Who gave His life

In sacrifice

To make us white as snow!


A hand! A hand!

Which God has planned

For use in helping men.

In all you do

He asks of you

Do it as unto Him.


A foot! A foot!

Which you should put

Upon the narrow way-

To live for Him

And flee from sin

Each and every day!


A voice! A voice!

How I'll rejoice!

How happy I will be

To hear you say,

"Lord, come what may,

Your follower I will be."

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Liana said...

I really love these...
and I, too, hope you don't mind that they are now being used in our home in WNY.