Sunday, November 30, 2008


When we first found out we were pregnant with Bowden, Sarah and I celebrated by eating Lobster at a nice restaurant in South Burlington. We have continued the tradition ever since by eating lobster every time we get pregnant. To me, Lobster is the tops. There simply is no better food. So during our recent Thanksgiving trip to see Justin and Rosie in Flagstaff we took advantage of Nanny's willingness to babysit and went out to celebrate.
Sarah wore her "date sweater," which she wore when we went on our first date back in August of 1996. She also wore this sweater when we got engaged in February of 1999. She pulls it out for such occasions.

She's awfully cute.

We are excited about having another baby. We passed the time while we were waiting for our lobster sipping on our cokes and talking about how good God has been to us, discussing our three kids and, of course, speculating about our fourth child. If it is a boy we think we will name him, Bradley Bull and if it is a Girl we are leaning towards Anita Rose. Originally I didn't care for the name Anita and Sarah didn't like the name Brad, but I have such a high opinion of my Mother-In-Law and Sarah's Grandmother that the name Anita now strikes me as a perfectly lovely name, and Sarah has heard enough about my storied late Uncle Brad to win her over to that name as well.

Then the food arrived.

Our appetizer was scallops wrapped in bacon and dripping in a peach bourbon sauce on a bed of onion rings. Mmmmmmm!

Sarah got the ultimate feast which she modified to include her favorite, Coconut shrimp. It also came with a lobster tail, crab legs and a side of rice.
I got a lobster tail with an incredibly tasty steak and baked potato.

I made short work of mine. That was the best meal ever!!!

For dessert we had an apple cobbler with ice cream.

These three biscuits were the only food that we didn't eat. I was stuffed. They gave us a little bag to take them home in though.

God knows my heart towards my kids. He knows the things I desire for them, and he has heard my many prayers. I cheerfully entrust the fourth "Tater-tot" to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all I could ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within Sarah and me. It is my earnest and sincere prayer that none of my kids would know a day apart from the Lord, and that they would grow to love Him and his truth. I am humbled that God has chosen Sarah and I for this important ministry, and we are humbly resolved to give it our best with God's help.
I am grateful, as always, for the cross, and I pray that my kids would live their lives as an expression of gratitude to the Almighty for the indescribable gift of Christ and His sacrifice.


steve said...

Outstanding! Congratulations!

Sandy said...

I'm so glad. You guys are very good parents. I mean, amazing, really. Good friends too.

Plus, your wife is extra cute when pregnant.

Liana said...

Congratulations to you & Sarah!
How wonderful - we'll pray for a healthy and safe pregnancy for Sarah!

How cute that Sarah pulls out the "date sweater"...she cracks me up.

john tate said...

You two win - I'm telling you.

sarah said...

I didn't even know we were going on a date that weekend. I just packed it!

It looks good for being way over 12 years old...and second-hand when I got it, too.

Andrew said...

Congratulations Tates!

Annie said...

I am humbled. It was great being with you guys, and so fun of you to share your date!