Saturday, November 22, 2008


Sometimes in late winter, when I used to live in VT, I would linger in the produce section of the supermarket. To me, it was like the Summer Embassy. The bright lights and the smell of fresh produce arranged as colorfully as a garden in the sun was a welcome change from the monotonous tyranny of winter. I remember many early morning visits to the Price Chopper where I would escape for a few minutes to just stand there with my snowy boots making a puddle on the freshly buffed floor. Then it was back out to my cruiser, my boots crunch-crunching across the parking lot with a frigid wind whistling between the cars. Once, I bought a pineapple and buckled it into the passenger seat...just for the company.

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Tate said...

Winter is here and thus far it is a cold one! We have snow in Chittenden and I suspect we will until April. When we go to Price Chopper in Rutland it is like spring, 10-20 degrees warmer and no snow.