Saturday, October 18, 2008

MY KIDS ARE MY SPIRITUAL CROTCH... (and other thoughts following a phone conversation with my brother, Joel)

If the enemy kicked me there it would hurt... a lot. As I take inventory of our society, and note trends which concern me, I can't help but wish my kids were older...less vulnerable...less impressionable...more sober and aware. With every kid I have I feel as though I have become a bigger target. It is so difficult for me to trust the Lord in this area. Their minds. Their hearts. Their souls. They are never far from my thoughts when I consider the future or the current state of things. They seem so fragile to me, but come what may, I must trust them to the Lord who loves them far more than I ever could and who was with Daniel in Babylon. I talk often to my kids about God and also to God about my kids. Both acts are like a balm on the open sore of my worry- a temporary salve which must be reapplied regularly.

Sometimes I feel that I could face these days with a greater nonchalance and a more reckless courage if I didn't have this precious cargo in tow, but I know that is bad thinking. It flows from a cowardice and, more troubling, a lack of faith. God would be honored, and it would bring joy to His heart, if I would trust my "precious things" to his care in the midst of the battle and model for them the courage of a pilgrim and stranger in a hostile land. That would speak far more powerfully to them than the compromised Father of half measures I am tempted to be.

I look to the rock that is higher than me, and I deposit my precious three in the shadow of that rock. May their hearts always hum to the tune of the Lord's will. May they always love the truth and despise error. May the Lord call them to himself undeniably, enjoy their sweet surrender, and seal their souls until the day of Christ's return.


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Amen, indeed...but, I have to admit, it's nice knowing that someone else has these same "thoughts and feelings" as we do. It's so hard to trust, our lil'ones we love so dearly, but know that it's the only way!