Monday, October 06, 2008


An intoxicatingly beautiful morning in the San Jacinto Mts. Cooler temperatures and yesterday's rain made everything crisp and new. It was cold this morning with the mercury resting in the upper 30's. I could see my breath as I went under the porch with Lucy and Bowden for some firewood. The first fire of the season graced our hearth. This was sarah's turn to do Sunday school so I sat by myelf in church. After church we went all over town gathering rose hips, and I spent the better part of the remainder of the day plucking the withered blossom from the end of the hips. Josh, Emily and their brood came over after dinner and hung out for a couple of hours. Sarah, Emily and some other ladies went up to katie Bayer's house to watch a movie. Sarah didn't get home until after midnight. I drew some lunch box pictures for the kids before bed. All told, we had 7 quarts of rose hips at the end of all that work. I'll try and make some jelly tomorrow.



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