Thursday, September 11, 2008


Sarah, Lucy and Jack went down to Hemet today to go grocery shopping and so it fell to me to pick Bowden up from Kindergarten. After I busted him out of the joint, we headed over to Arriba's to hang out and watch the traffic zipping by on Rt. 243.
Bowden got a sprite, which was a big deal for him because we almost never give him soda.
Tom Ping tagged along as well.
Bowden loves Sprite.
Arriba's is right across from the Forest Service Building. The fire danger level is finally coming back down after a summer of being a bright orange "EXTREME."
Bowden also ordered a deep fat fried ice cream (he had already eaten his lunch at school)...
...and I got tacos with rice and a diet coke.

Do the dishes, suckas!!!
It was good to spend time with Bowden one on one. My little man is growing up, and I am so full of prayers for him. I love this boy.
Favorite exchange from our lunch together:
"Bowden, lets do this again soon."
"Why go home? Lets just stay together."


Liana said...

this is so sweet...

Anonymous said...

This is what memories are made of - even without the pictures, you will remember the day. How thrilled I am for you to have had the day.

Sandy said...

That's so sweet - NOT the part about the "do the dishes, Suckas!!!" That's just poor manners.

MomZup said...

Sandy is right about the poor manners. . .but I can just hear your laugh, Josh, when you read that! Bowden looks so thrilled throughout. Tom Ping looks pretty much the same. . .only time he looked really excited was when the Royal Mountie had him in hand! I especially loved Bowden's "Why go home. . ." comment. So painfully poignant it hurts one's heart.