Friday, September 05, 2008


Our friends the Whites joined us for this years Happy Day, which ended up being less than victorious. These pictures were taken prior to me covering myself in sackcloth and ashes and forsaking the comforts of my lazy boy for a pile of potsherds behind the house.
Though obviously staged, these photos do show some of the excitement that surround Happy Day festivities. There were hot wings, virgin margaritas, and of course Ro-Tel. Hanging out with the Whites will turn any day into a happy day, and I was glad they came over. It helped to soften the blow of a terrible showing by the skins and their bogsok naniman coach! They truly did lay an egg out there.
I love me some HOT WINGS!!! I love me some Sarah Tate!!!
Lucy holding the White's newest baby, Abigail.

Even though the Redskins were manhandled in truly embarassing fashion by the New York Giants I felt a oneness with my Tate brethren on the East Coast. I was confident that mine was not the only shirt with Ro-Tel dribbled on it, and I knew that when I groaned at the some of the tuly imbecilic play calling and poor pass protection those groans were echoed up and down the eastern seaboard by my Redskins lovin' kinfolk. As Job says, I guess it'll have to be 15-1 for the Redskins this year. Hope springs eternal- Hail!


Tate said...

We did not have Rotel BUT we did have pizza decorated in Redskin colors, fresh veggies from the garden and a bag of Spicy Doritos. As soon as we prayed over our meal we sang, "Hail to the Redskins!" and sang it again when they scored. It was a fun time but the focus wasn't on the game as much as it was on getting to know Valerie. Overall, it was a Happy Day!

Anonymous said...

I have read your Red Skins postings so many times that this non-sports fan Aunt of yours was aware of the game and even watched the sports news to find out who won. Sorry the Red Skins did not have a good game but there is always next time. Have not kept track of a sports team since I was constantly aware of Uncle Fred's NC State Wolfpack - their big game was basketball and yes, I do know one is a college team and the Redskins are a professional team but that is the only comparison I have. The next goes back to when I was in high school and had to follow the Angels - and that was baseball

Anonymous said...

Should have signed my posting - Aunt Roxanna

Sandy said...

I love me some Sarah Tate too.

Come to think of it, I love me some hot wings. (Perhaps even more than you do.)

Lilee is looking on with me and said "Who's that guy? Is that my dad?" You and Reid are looking like bros with the furry beards. Also, the picture on the blog title reminds me of Robert Frost, somehow. Just thought I should say so, cause I've thought it many times.