Friday, September 12, 2008


So today, after finishing a chore in the camp's maintenance yard, I felt a growing pressure in my bladder, which sent me looking for a discreet place to relieve myself. I ducked behind the paint shed, and was instantly arrested by one of those beautiful surprises, which God apparently fired scattershot all over creation- a little weed with white trumpet-shaped flowers, which stood out showily against the bare ground.
" Flower," as defined in my dictionary is " the part of a seed-bearing plant that contains specialized male and female organs, as stamens and a pistil, and produces seeds and usu. a colorful blossom." Their function is to play a part in reproducing the plant, but God also made them beautiful. Food exists to provide our bodies with energy, but it is also delicious. The layers of creation, the brush strokes of a master artist, weaving form and function into a beautiful and complex tapestry which my smallness keeps me from appreciating fully- giving us more than just what we need, he's putting on a show, a demonstration of His glory, which we can only see dimly through the fog of selfish and sin-clouded minds.

I thought briefly about how my eyes would be the only ones to ever settle on this weed (were it not for the blogosphere), and then I thought, "how extravagant of God to place this flower back here." I wondered how many flowers have bloomed and faded in remote places where they could never be appreciated by men. How much fruit has ripened, fallen to the ground, and spoiled? It is all about God. I was wrong to think that the flower obtained worth the moment I laid eyes on it, and that it was wasted by the misfortune of sprouting in obscurity behind the paint shed. It is all about God. Do I ever feel wasted where God has planted me? Do I feel as though I am languishing in obscurity behind a paint shed of sorts? The thought has crossed my mind before, but I am convinced that such musings are the result of a regrettable focus on myself. It is all about God, and it pleases him to place me here. I should flourish and bloom, not for my sake or the sake of other men, but because it pleases the Lord to whom I owe the entire meager sum of who I am.


Annie said...

Wow, Josh! That is a great insight and a worthy reminder. I really appreciate it!
My work is all about God. "Whatever you do, do your work heartily as to the Lord, and not unto men...."
And what a beautiful and extravagant God He is!

MomZup said...

Another mother chiming in. Such important truths to remember and focus upon and not to lose sight of in the grind of daily living! Thank you so much for refocusing my mind this morning. I praise God for you and your walk with the Lord.

Josh, Emily, and Kids said...

"Bloom where you're planted"...Josh. I'll give you $1.50 if you can tell me who said that.