Friday, September 26, 2008


Check out that fox in the Fair Haven Slaters jersey!!! Suffer!
Bowden has a very winning spirit when he plays, and I think he is improving too. I enjoy watching him, and I am confident that his coordination and understanding will improve as he plays and practices more.

I took this picture right after Bowden made a save during his stint as goalie. He was very proud of himself. Later in the game when the Jaguars scored on him he looked sad for a second and then he shurgged it off and seemed just as jolly as before. It was almost like he was happy for the Jaguars.
Lucy and Jack kept up their energy by sucking on orange wedges. Cheering on the Bobcats can be very taxing.

Josh Leih, who is in our junior high small group, was reffing the game next to ours between the Fighting Irish and the Killer Bees. Josh is a cool dude. Super chill!
Here is Bowden's buddy, Joel White. He plays for the Fighting Irish, and they were playing on the next field at the same time. This picture was taken right after Joel took a corner kick. I wish I had gotten the ball in the frame. I think the Bobcats play the fighting Irish next. That should be a good game!

Bobcat fans are crazy!!! I borrowed the hat from Kevin Brennan who works for Fish and Game. You might remember him from when I found the mountain lion tracks in the north end of the camp.

The kids love the victory tunnel at the end of the game. I think it's Bowden's favorite part.

Yeah, Bowden!!!

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Sandy said...

Wow. That hat is AWESOME. I would have PAID my mother to wear that to my games when I was a kid. I think. Or I would have been mortified. I have a feeling Bowden thought it was pretty sweet.

You guys are weird. I like your blog.