Monday, August 25, 2008


When Rosie and Justin got married I forgot to pack a pair of dress shoes for the ceremony. So on the day of I obtained directions from Sarah's Grandmother and drove across town to a shoe store and bought these, which were on sale for $18.00. Until recently they were my second-string dress shoes, but with the demise of my last pair of sneakers (I currently don't have a pair)they have been seeing increased use as an all-purpose shoe, and with the notable exceptions of the Dexters and my flip-flops, these get more use than the rest of my shoes.
It is nice to wear a shoe with some gription.

They kind of remind me of those shoes that were issued to the soldiers in the movie "Glory."

"W-w-when'r w-w-we gonna get the b-b-blue suit."

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