Thursday, May 10, 2007

JOURNAL 5/9/07

Nauseous all night. Threw up once in the morning. Josh and Emily White, who own the Idyllwild Inn, had asked me if I would drive the Pacific Crest Trail hikers who were staying at their Inn up to the trail head at Humber Park at 8:00 am. Josh and Emily were gone on a hike up Tahquitz peak. I walked over to the Inn and drove two truck loads of hikers up to the trail. They were all hiking four and a half days to Big Bear. I enjoyed talking with them. I especially enjoyed talking with one guy who went by "Stomp" who was from Quebec. It gave me a chance to practice my French. I was pleasantly surprised by how well we were able to communicate. Took a nap in the morning, and felt better as day wore on. By evening I was feeling almost totally better. Worked in the afternoon despite feeling a bit queasy. I called around and canceled our junior High Small Group as a precaution. Spoke with Mom and Don Parker in the afternoon. Don says he will begin work on the Lake's new septic system around the first of June and is confident that it will be done by the first of July. Watched Lost before bed.

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