Sunday, May 06, 2007

JOURNAL 5/6/07

Warmer today. Sarah became nauseous in the night, throwing up once just after midnight. She seemed to feel better as the day wore on, and braved a piece of toast in the afternoon, which she managed to keep down. I worked the better part of the day, with a break for church, and drove Kaitlin home after the last group left. Nanny left in the morning and I took the kids to church while Sarah stayed home. Pastor Tim preached out of Nehemiah 8 "It doesn't matter how good things appear on the outside if the inside is a mess. It's the inside that matters to God." He also quoted heavily from Matthew 23. Helped Lisa a little with the church's High School group in the evening.


lisa d said...

thanks for helping with that, too...sorry for abusing you so much. you're alright, kid.

sarah said...