Saturday, May 19, 2007

JOURNAL 5/18/07

Went into the kitchen at 6:00 am, and was joined shortly thereafter by our faithful volunteer, Paul Hutchins, who stumbled in like a homeless man lookng for someplace warm. He had been up before me and had gone for a walk. He and I were joined by Lisa at approximately 6:30 and together we churned out breakfast for 75, and then we worked in the kitchen until after lunch clean up. In the afternoon, paul and I drove out to inspiration Point with a box of golf balls and a driver and had fun whacking them off into the horizon. We were later joined by some teenagers from Hemet who we invited to hit golf balls with us. After they joined the fun our pile of golf balls dropped precipitously. Sarah and I played cards and talked with Lisa and Kaitlin in the evening after Paul left for home. We also finished working on the the Awana Grand Prix cars for the race tomorrow after Bowden and Lucy went to sleep. Per their requests Bowden had a rattlesnake painted on his and Lucy had fireflies painted on her hot pink car. We put the unfinished cars out on a stool with some salt, sunflower seeds, a penny and a letter of explanation for the Widjiwats who we told them would finish their cars while they slept. This morning Bowden was beyond excited to find his car finished exactly as he had requested. Sar...ahem...I mean the Widjiwats drew an incredible rattlesnake draped over the top of Bowden's car and the fireflies on Lucy's car were really neat too. Job called me in the afternoon to advise me that he has officially joined the navy and begins boot camp at the end of the month. Fell asleep on the couch but woke up in my bed...I don't recall how I got back in my bed.

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