Monday, May 14, 2007

JOURNAL 5/13/07

Drove over to the Idyllwild Inn at 8 am with Bowden to drive a some hikers who are through-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail up to humber park. Josh White couldn't do it because he was doing the announcements during the first service at church. The only hikers needing a ride was anice couple from Kennebunk, Maine. Had a nice conversation with them as we drove up to the trailhead. They told Bowden, who was munching on a chunk of Zuchini bread in his car seat, that they were hiking from Mexico to Canada. Bowden said "Wow, I really can't believe it," even though I'm pretty sure he has no idea what Mexico and Canada mean. He was probably more impressed by the way they said it than by any understanding of what that meant.

We stopped by the store on our way home and Bowden helped me pick some things out for sarah for Mother's day. Went to church. Lisa came over for lunch after church, and I made Crepes in honor of Mother's day. Called my Mom and spoke with her briefly in the afternoon. Left message on Mom Paulson's phone.

Received word in the afternoon that Selah had been born and Rosie was fine. Very exciting news!

Fell asleep on the couch and took a nap in the afternoon. USC intervaristy arrived in the afternoon for a week long camp.

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