Thursday, May 10, 2007



Try this one out with a three year old sometime (or an adult... it will work either way). Ask them to recount something that just happened to them (example: Bowden tell me how your sister got hurt.) If his eyes go up and to his right as he is is telling the story he is most likely fabricating the story in part or in whole. He is acessing the creative side of the brain... the side we use to lie. If his eyes go up and to the left that indicates he is telling the truth. If the eyes go to left it means he is recalling actual events, sounds, feelings, etc... BE CAREFUL THOUGH because it is possible that Bowden is trying to recall a previous lie that he told. So if Mommy questioned him about the incident first, and then I ask him what happened, he may just be trying to recall what he told his Mom, which would result in a false positive. This only works if the subject hasn't been previously questioned and hasn't taken the time to prepare a premeditated false explanantion.

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