Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Ovitt was the name of Jarudet's father who was Burden before him. He is often referred to as "Ovitt the bearded," for not only was he the only Widjiwat in anyone's memory who was able to grow a beard, but by all accounts he was actually born with it. According to Jarudet, Ovitt emerged all slick and shiny from his Mother's womb with a big bushy beard right down to his umbilical cord. That is why today Widjiwats will say "by Ovitt's beard!" when swearing to something that sounds unbelievable or far fetched.

"When I talk about these things
I'm aware they must sound weird,
But all of it is true-
I swear by Ovitt's beard!"

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Abigail said...

This made me grin.

John and I don't find out the gender of our babies until they come out. John says he always knows as soon as he sees the baby's head; if the face is smooth, it's a girl. Full beard means a boy.

So far, he's three for three.