Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Today's Topic: The two Blue's Clues guys-
Josh: I like this guy the most.
Sarah: Nah, this guy is better.


heidiann(e) said...

the older guy was totally way cooler.
also, rumor has it that Jea dated him before her houghton days.
further rumors state that he also committed suicide.
i don't know if any of these are true, but i like to spread rumors about people on tv.

Andrew Peck said...

And not having children yet has eliminated me from this Tate debate. I don't watch Blues Clues.

misserose said...

host #1 was way better. he was original. i heard he committed suicide, too, but later heard that was just a rumor.

Hutch said...

Agreed. The first host was way better. Don't ask me how I know this. I'll deny everything.

Sandy said...

Old host (which of course was the green striped polo guy) WAS way better.
Sorry, Josh. You lose this one hands down.

I'm distraught by the rumors.

rosie said...

Old guy: Steve.

He WAS way better Tate.

New guy: Joe, his "younger brother." But when Steve left the show and Joe took over, they would occassionally have him call and even Blue would be happier. I know this because one of my kiddos watched it OVER AND OVER AND OVER in the way that only a child with true Autism can.

We just got a letter.

kelly v said...

I agree, Steve was the best; the new guy weirds me out a little.

lisa d said...

yeah, the new dude looks like he'd be a better fit for trl.

sarah said...

Steve was better simply because he was cooler. Joe is not cool. Nice, sure. But he is not cool.
Steve left the show to start his own band- and it went really well in Indie-land- he actually just put out an album of children's songs with a guy from some other band- something like th flaming lips.

but i have my doubts that that second picture is of steve. He looks weird.

BarefootKangaroo said...

Wow, I had no idea Joe was so hated. I guess I lost this one.