Wednesday, March 21, 2007


It didn't start out that way though. I spent the better part of Monday morning snaking the pipes under my house to clear a blockage which had caused sewage to back up into our carpeted downstairs bathroom. After much grunting, snaking, and perspiring I was rewarded with a gurgle-gurgle-whoosh and a clear pipe.

After lunch we drove to Hemet to tour a new museum they constructed off of the Domenigoni Parkway. Bowden was excited about seeing Dinosaur bones. Unfortunately, the museum was closed and the prospect of returning home without an adventure was more than our fragile frames could bear so we loaded up the van and drove to the Wild Animal park in San Diego (This adventure is brought to you by Nanny and her thoughtful gift of a years membership for the whole family to the zoo and wild animal park). After a liesurely stroll through the park we drove the short distance to the beach, and arrived just in time to build a sand castle and watch the setting sun drop beyond the Pacific.

We concluded our adventure over dinner at Joes Crab Shack, changed Lucy's diaper, and drove home through the darkness.


rosie said...

That's a super fun day!!!!

heidiann(e) said...

i must say that i think plumbing victories must be some of the most satisfying of won-out-struggles. we had a shampoo cap plugging up our shower drain for MONTHS, back in the old apartment. the landlord couldn't do anything, and we tried all we could. even the snake-doohickey didn't work. one day, phil randomly just decided to plunge as hard as he could. i don't know where all the determination came from so suddenly, but it totally paid off. out popped the shampoo cap, and i couldn't stop rejoicing and singing phil's praises for an equal number of months.