Friday, March 09, 2007


Check out this disturbing article from the St Albans Messenger in the city where I used to work as a police officer. I always find it shocking when schools take such aggressive stances on such morally questionable/sensitive positions. They really believe that those who object to their grandstanding on this issue are akin to the Klan, simple hicks, or mindless zealots. Articles like this make me yearn for the return of our Savior, and an end to this madness.

This article clearly presupposes that all who view homosexuality as a sin hate homosexuals. Some do and I say shame on them. Hating homosexuals simply isn't Christlike. Christ always met people where they were, but he refused to leave them there.

I don't hate homosexuals.

As Christians we should be tactful and purposeful in how we present the saving truth of who God is and go about the business of being Christ's ambassadors, but we must never call sin by any other name. Sin is sin.


sarah said...

it's weird how the only person on the panel not from Vermont was from Tacoma Park, MD.

Rocket Surgeon, Phd said...

That's ridiculous!!

Vermont, my Vermont!