Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I have two kinds of dreams which are distinct in theme and mood and which repeat themselves more frequently than other types of dreams. I am not one of those people who delights in sharing his dreams, nor am I one who ascribes much meaning to my nocturnal mental wanderings. These two types of dreams though stand out in their intensity vivdiness and frequency. I wonder why I have them. I call the first type "the Moose leg dreams." These are the hardest to explain so I will leave that for another day. The second type I call "cover dreams."

In my cover dreams something man made is always covered up by something natural. In the first cover dream I was walking through the woods when I saw something yellow on the ground. I dropped to my knees and began to brush away the moist leaves and soil to reveal a floor of wet yellow, blue and white tiles. They were perfectly arranged like they had once been the floor of a forgotten kitchen. Just a neat square of glistening tiles. That was all.

In the second cover dream there was a layer of yellow plastic under everything. It showed through on the edges such as banks, cliffs, river banks, lake shores, and the ruts in dirt roads. If you scuffed your feet in the dirt or dug much at all you would hit the layer of yellow plastic.

In the third cover dream I was raking leaves, and as I did discovered there was concrete where I had believed there was lawn. I was very surprised to find concrete- to the point of being dumbfounded. It was inconceivable that there was no lawn beneath the leaves.

In the most recent cover dream I was in a boat with Captain Renaudette (from my old police department). As we drifted under a bridge we noticed that moss was covering some white block lettering. We begin to scrape the moss off the underside of the bridge to reveal the lettering. We gathered the moss in milk crates. The dream had a pleasant feeling- like we were two boys at play- like we were building a fort or something. I don't remember what the word was or we never fully uncovered it. I don't remember. This is the only cover dream where I am not alone.

All of my cover dreams have occurred within the last year, while the Moose Leg Dreams have recurred over a span of nearly five years. I will try to explain Moose Leg Dreams in the near future. What do you think? I wish Daniel and Joseph were available to interpret these dreams. Of course, they would probably say "stop drinking Caffeine before bed."


heidiann(e) said...

the undergraduate psychology major in me has to respond:

"what do YOU think it means?"

Abigail said...

I second the motion. This dream is pretty fascinating.

misserose said...

I believe God uses dreams to speak to us when we can't hear what he's saying when awake-- when our conscious minds are out of the way. Perhaps you should seriously pray about it. God uses dreams. For sure.