Thursday, February 15, 2007


Why is it that people have this need to convince people that where they live is the absolute nastiest place to live?

You start talking about the weather in your home state and, of course, you paint the gloomiest picture possible... 40 below, feet of snow, everything closed... or maybe... mosquitoes, sooooo muggy, that's the worst part- the mugginess, I could handle the the 110 degree heat if it weren't so muggy.

It goes on and on like that with both sides whipped up into a frenzy trying to convince everyone in earshot that where they live is truly the nastiest, coldest, hottest, most forbidding and unwelcoming habitat that was ever attempted by mankind.

I'm guilty of this too, or at least have been in the past, but I have noticed this trend, and I have observed that it is annoying, and I will stop. You?


Sandy said...

Bad weather is all Buffalo's got. Are you really willing to steal that from her?

Ha! Ha! Pretty good, huh?

sarah said...

buffalo really does have awful weather, but california is graced with temperate weather and equally temperate people.

i love my state. don't talk to me about vermont.

sarah said...

well...i'm sure that there are SOME temperate people here.

Rocket Surgeon, Phd said...

Vermont is truly cruel sometimes, so I can't play.

No place I've ever been is so consistently as uncomfortable for so long as this place.

In the winter when it gets cold it stays cold for weeks and weeks.
When it's humid it lasts for entire swaths of summer.

You have to respect it and there are ways to enjoy it but still it remains - we live in winter here.

Andrew Peck said...

Winter is nasty,I have to work out in it. However, you are right about people painting such gloomy pictures.

heidiann(e) said...

i love when it's horrid - but just in terms of cold, not warmth or humidity.
i actually sometimes want to move further north JUST for the bragging rights. (okay, and the snowshoeing.)
as far as heat goes, i'm always comforted to know that i'm not in the worst-case-scenario.

Anonymous said...

I was going to say Josh that this is often true on the East Coast. But West Coasters don't really gripe about the weather...