Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Lords of Shen lend me your ears! The Greatest Dorm on Earth (also known as Shenawana Hall) has certainly not degenerated into a Lord of the Flies scenario, (or the heretical statement of “going South” yuck!) unless of course you are speaking about our wars against South, not Rothenbuhler (ick!). It is with great pride that I wish to report to you, the forerunners from our Great Dorm, that Shen has not only waged victorious battles against the residents of South, but will continue to battle members of South Hall wherever and whenever we find them! The article that I wrote was indeed part creative and part fact but the sacred traditions of our dorm (the man pile, the IBC, and indeed the noise) will never disappear! Lords of Shen please return anytime and guide us (and our RA’s and RD) in the sacred rites and traditions of our dorm! Long live SHEN! In the second year of the reign of Kliner the First,

Jeff Roorbach


Steve said...

I gave him a heads-up on the post and I approve of this message.

Rocket Surgeon, Phd said...

I appreciate young Roorbach's spirit even if he still doesn't quite understand the nuance of our grievances.

In thinking about it, however, I find that our gripes as Josh, Job, Jordan and Maxon are through the filters of former res life staff. Loud guys were always in the dorm but we never tolerated it past healthy respect for the rules.
Our dorm was an orderly one.

Hopefully Shen understands this heritage still.
I've met Kline and am a fan.

Again, I do respect young All-Star Roorbach for attempting, if nothing else, to give the impression to all Millieu readers that Shen is the dominant place to live on campus.
He does remind me that when it comes to Shen a rose is a rose is a rose...it'll always have that status of being pretty much off-campus

And also, Roorbach...who won the Olympics??

jdjones said...

The apology definitely seems to reinforce the perception that the overall quality of Shen has changed a bit. The lawlessness concerns me, particularly as it parallels my memories of South. But at the end of the day, the real distinction between these two halls was in quality of character. It is no exaggeration or stereotype to say that you were more likely to find a jerk in South, and a servant in Shen. I pray this is still the case.

sarah said...

do shen men say "ick?"
and the man-pile is gross, but not as gross and random, communal male nudity.

so maybe shen is the same.

Pastor Michael Jordan said...

In Roorbach's defense, I always hated quiet hours. Hated enforcing them, actually rarely enforced them. So for me, it's far more a "watching soccer and random, communal male nudity" thing (thanks Sarah for a delightful turn of a phrase).

To be honest, I don't know how to feel now.

In his favor was his screen name in his original post, "eaglesfan38," which suggests good breeding and/or good training.

But thoroughly disturbing was his reference to "Kliner the First." I'm not precisely sure who "Kliner the First" is, but I can assure you that the first and most important Kliner was Adam Klein. Any attempts to blot his memory from the Shen book of life must be met with the sturdiest resistance!


Steve said...

Yeah, Mike, and the weird thing is that this new RD is named Adam Kline.

Pastor Michael Jordan said...

Are you serious? That's out of control. There ought to be some sort of meeting between the two, don't you think?

Steve said...

I'm not sure the space/time continuum could handle such an event. Interestingly, the I-before-E Kline is a Canadian (Ottawa) hockey fan with an affinity for Albert Brooks quotes and Ron Sider books. No mention of wrestling to be found, so on the whole, I think he's more like you than he is the original.

Pastor Michael Jordan said...

What's (the false) Kline's website?

Steve said...

Well, I'm getting my info from Facebook, which is friends-only. He does have a blog of mostly family pictures at http://www.ackline.blogspot.com/ and a movie review blog at http://www.rottentomatoes.com/vine/journal_view.php?journalid=223655&view=public&uc=10992