Saturday, January 06, 2007


Star Trek Convention


Hobby Store


Cameo said...

Hobby store, hands down. I imagine that Star Trek followers would be a little frightening and really creepy. The hobby store would be great 'cause you get to see what the guy is interested in and would be an easy place to start conversations.

Liana said...

Star WARS convention - YES, Star Trek...absolutly not!
So - Hobby Store it would be.

lisa d said...

hobby store 100%

Hal said...

The hobby stores I've been in never have the sort of hobby stuff I'm interested in.

Now as far as Star Trek conventions go, I've never been to one. So in that regard it holds a plus. At least I'd have a new experience.

The bigger plus of course is that I find foreign women alluring. And one can't get more foreign than out of this world women. That green woman from the original series comes to mind.

So I'm going with Star Trek convention.

BarefootKangaroo said...

Hobby Store.

kelly v said...

Despite my tendency to date the nerdy types I would have to say Hobby Store; I don't think I could handle the intensity of man with a passion for Star Trek.

abigail said...

I immediately say hobby store. Has anyone else ever seen Trekkies? Look at the synopsis on that page if you haven't. I've even seen Trekkies 2.

Yep. Hobby store.

Rocket Surgeon, Phd said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa...

Let's not be racial.

There are a lot of scenarios that could transpire for you to meet your spouse at a Star Trek convention...You could be working it. A Security Guard and a caterer loitering near the soda machine comparing freak notes.

But also, if you did meet your spouse at a Trek convention as attendees - I am sure it'd be a warp 10 intense emotional attachment...Star Trek is very important to those people.


And my word verification for this is "gkbiast"!

But I swear I'd never be biased towards geeks.

Steve said...

Wow. Hobby store.

sarah said...

hobby store.