Thursday, December 28, 2006


It snowed yesterday, and today I went for a walk on Camp Maranatha's new nature trail, which meanders from the A-frame past Dead Man's Cave and then down to Bear Creek. We plan to extend it up onto the western ridge beyond the gully this summer.

I love the snow and cold temperatures. It reminds me of the 802. Sarah dislikes these things for the same reason.

A full moon shines
Through shivering pines
Casting a steady glow
On me as I talk
With her and walk
Through shadow-dappled snow.

The woods at night
Are black and white,
And strangely silent as though
They're not quite sure
Of me and her-
Are we friend or are we foe?


Liana said...

Snow, in CA? I know, I know... but I always like to think of CA as palm trees & never-ending rugid beach.
Either way, I enjoy these pictures; NY is lacking the white stuff this Christmas!

Liana said...

*rugged (oops!)

abigail said...

Speaking of rugged, you look rather so in this photo, Josh. It's a good look.