Sunday, November 05, 2006

Zebda - Tomber la chemise


Hal said...

Well.... that was..... disturbing.

I don't know why exactly.

BarefootKangaroo said...

When I was studying French at the University of Laval in Quebec city I watched a lot of their MTV equivalent- Musique Plus. They have laws there which require that a certain percentage of their programming be Canadian in Origin and another percentage must be in French. Some of the stuff was just weird, but some of it like Zebda and Bisso Na Bisso grew on me. It is undeniably a catchy tune. I just hope the content isn't scandalous. It could be for all I know. I missed an opportunity to see them in person at the Summer Festival, and I have long regretted it.

Hal said...

I think what is disturbing to me is that is smacks of Rap.

Rap being something I find disturbing to begin with. But French Rap! That truly gives me the willies.

Yes, I think that is what it is.


BarefootKangaroo said...

Well... I like it.

Hal said...

LOL! I didn't say you couldn't like it.

But there's still hope for you.