Friday, November 03, 2006


Liberal gadfly, rabble-rouser, and film maker- Michael Moore.


Steve said...

South --- or maybe the basement in Shen, by that back door so he could smoke pot and sneak people in, and you know it's true, Josh, your glorious regime down there notwithstanding.

Rocket Surgeon, Phd said...

I deciced to "sleep" on this one because I was shocked
by the internal conflict your question aroused in

Michael Moore does, undeniably, house many
Shendentials; from his slovenly personal appearence
all the way to his wild independent streak - possible
virtues in their own way.

Also, i see a lot of myself in Moore - the source of
most of my conflict.
But I do also realize that i was subjected to a lot of
legislation within the dorm that demanded a sort of
accountability from me. Not a conformity...
But greater thrusts at the true way.
Moore would've/could've received and responded to
Shen's natural selection and thrived or he
would've/should've moved to South.

So here, then, is my answer:
Moore in Roger and Me - Shen, basement. Room 3.

Moore in Bowling for Columbine - South, Bridge floor.

Moore in Fahrenheight 9/11 - Oregon Extension....

Steve said...

Good answer.

Pastor Michael Jordan said...

wow--job, I'm very impressed with your response.

I was leaning toward Shen--but then I thought, "How would you describe this man?"

The answer came back, "Conformity disguised as nonconformity." I think the man helps conformists feel like they're wild and independent and free, when in reality they're parroting the party line.

So I think he'd be one of those South guys who tried to dress down, sort of the granola-and-lentils set, who tried to show you how earthy they were. But deep down, they really lacked the work ethic of a Hubie Hostetter, the reluctance to wear socks of a Josh Tate, the dedication to uniqueness of an Eli Knapp, the fearlessness of an Ed Keesler.


Just my thoughts...

Liana said...

I'm going to have to go with Pastor Michael Jordan himself...

BarefootKangaroo said...

Michael Jordan is clarity itself. Well struck! South it is!

Pastor Michael Jordan said...