Thursday, November 09, 2006


Since sarah and I moved to California we have been saving every single piece of money that we find in a big pickle jar. It has become second nature to walk through parking lots with our eyes on the ground, and our fingers involuntarily snake in and out of coin returns as we pass. (Money we find in our own house doesn't count... obviously.)

Yesterday I added it all up and found that we had $198.70. Just $1.30 away from the two-hundred dollar mark. That's a whole lot of pennies and bending over.


Andrew Peck said...


Darth said...

I collected, saved all the loose change for quite some time, it totaled over 350 dollars. Then someone had to steal it.....lesson is don't separate the pennies from the silver.

Steve said...

Hey JBT, I went to the trading post you brought me to last Friday! Remember? The one by the inbred colony, on the other side of the Genesee? They don't have that fake ferret cage anymore, but we did buy matching coonskin caps. Fake tops, real tails.