Sunday, October 22, 2006


I think that with the schedule they pulled, and the way they have struggled early this season, I am not premature in declaring this turkey cooked. I am not without hope though. I think that this will allow them to truly loosen up and experiment a little. With all of the new personnel, and a new offensive system we need to look at this season as an opportunity to get our act together before a break out year in 2007. I had hoped that this year would be a break out year, but, clearly, it is not to be.
I think that as the season goes on we will see Jason Campbell carry some of the weight in the quarterback position. Not because Brunell is hurting the team, but because we have to see what he's got if he's gonna be the man next season.
I anticipate the team will loosen up and start having fun as the chances of making the playoffs fade away. Hopefully this will help galvanize and steady a team struggling to find its identity.

2007 will be a very different story. I just hope they can keep their core group of guys together, and I hope Gibbs doesn't retire or get fired.


Rocket Surgeon, Phd said...

I'm not done yet.
If we can win our next two games (divisional) we'll be right back in the thick of it.

The bye will say much.

As for Brunell, I truly like the man, but our failures always come to rest on him. His completion to yardage ration is very stunted.

He doesn't throw deep enough which are signs of insecurity and a fact that he drops too far back when he passes.

He had a couple long completions today that ended up being gains of 3 and 1 yards respectively.


Brunell simply does not have the killer instinct.

BarefootKangaroo said...

Deep balls are a matter of play calling, and thus fall within Al Saunders jurisdiction, and he was forced to drop back due to a lackluster performance by the offensive line. If he had better protection he would be a better quarterback.

Brunell is a safe, reliable, and experienced quarterback who sometimes has flashes of greatness. Of late he has been inconsistent, but I don't think he should be benched. They need to start giving the future, jason Campbell, some playing time to break him in and see if he can handle NFL realities, but Brunell is a safer bet halfway through season than an untried rookie. The team has deeper problems than the quarterback, but I think they will work themselves out over the course of this year, and next year we will be dangerous.

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sarah said...

does "going underground" mean that we don't have to watch sports center and the nfln anymore?

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