Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I feel the need to apologize for my recent expressions of despair and and hopelessness regarding the Redskins' chances this season. I think there is still hope, and the turnaround begins this week against the 5-0 Colts.

First- the Skins have got be a little hungry for redemption after last weekend.

Second- the Colts will, understandably, not take the Skins seriously.

Thirdly- I feel it in my gut. The skins will win by a touchdown this Sunday.

Hail to the Redskins!
Hail Victory!
Braves on the warpath
Fight for Old D.C.!


Rocket Surgeon, Phd said...

I stand with you, brother.

BarefootKangaroo said...

It was just that when I came home from church I checked the score as a formality, assuming that everything had gone to plan against the lackluster Titans. It was an extremely tough pill to swallow, and it has taken me some time to get my optomistic legs back under me.

Chad said...

Keep on dreaming!