Monday, September 25, 2006

They changed to black and whites!

I loved many things about the St Albans City Police Department during the roughly four years that I collected a pay check from them, but one thing that I was always a staunch critic of was the color scheme on their cruisers. It was a messy melange of dark blue, and green with purplish-blue lettering. Many were the times that we would sit around the squad room and comment on how we wished we had black and whites like they did in Burlington. Well, they finally got 'em, and I gotta say they look sharp. They make me want to go back out and patrol the Maple Sugar Capital of the world.

Incidentally, the officer pictured in the top image is Sgt. Judy Dunn. She may not look it, but she is easily one of the toughest chicks I have ever known. She was my field training officer when I first joined the department. One of the first things she ever said to me as I slid into the passenger seat next to her was "The first rule is, if I'm getting my a** kicked your m#$%&r f#%&^#$g a** better be getting kicked too." Don't mess with Sgt. Dunn!

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lisa d said...

they don't seem vermonty enough. the green ones gave me the impression that i was far, far from home.