Thursday, September 07, 2006


This man said that the Redkins will finish last in their division.
...and this man agreed with him.
...and then they both had a good chuckle about the Redskin's preseason performance.
Lets just see what they're saying around Chistmas time.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Woodson and Mr. Faulk would know what they are talking about, right?

Certainly more than a no-class blogger and poet hack!

Anonymous said...

Here's a question of the day for you- how are the skins gonna make better than 500 this year?

The answer- they're not.

Steve said...

I personally think the Redskins have a very good chance to finish last in their division; of course that division is so tight, they also have a fair chance to grab a wild card spot.

But as for you, pathetic "no-class" anonymous commenter, you have just a FANTASTIC chance to be one of those people who thinks he knows more than everyone else, and seeks to prove a point by throwing personal attacks around instead of citing evidence.

So all that to say, I'm just kind of surprised to see you rooting against the 'Skins, Senator Kennedy. With all the time you've spent in Washington, I figure the team would have grown on you a little.

Careful on those bridges, 'kay? You probably don't swim quite like you used to.

BarefootKangaroo said...

The Redskins will not finish last in the NFC East. In my opinion it is between the Giants, Cowboys, and the Skins for first.

The Eagles will finish last.

I think the Skins will take the Division handily though.

Rocket Surgeon, Phd said...

Clinton Portis was expecting fewer carries this year anyway with the increased attention to the wideout position.
His back-up Duckett is no hack and Portis has always been a "tough" running back. His shoulder issue will cease to be an issue after probably the 6th week.

Dallas will win their first few games, make a respectable splash but then start losing every other game.

We may falter a bit early on but will gather momentum.

The eagles and the giants...

Not their year. Plainly and simply we will build our dreams on their losing seasons.

The skins are most definitely winning their division...

BarefootKangaroo said...

The NFC East is easily one of the toughest divisions in the league. I think that the toughest team in the division (besides the Skins) are the Giants.

The Eagles' window of greatness has definately closed, and they will be last in the division.

Dallas will do well. I think it is even possible that there could be three NFC East teams in the playoffs, but I think their biggest problem is Bledsoe. I just don't have any confidence in the man.

I think the Skins will finish the regular season with a record of 11-5 maybe 12-4. Most likely 11-5 though.

Steve said...

As I understand it, Ladell Betts is the real backup, not TJ. And how can you mock Drew Bledsoe and still have faith in Mark Brunell?

Other than that, I have no opinion.

BarefootKangaroo said...

There was no mocking. I just think Bledsoe is an empty uniform. That's not mocking.

Betts is good.

So is Brunell.

Portis will be back in a couple of weeks at the most. I think probably in time for our game against Dallas in week two.

There is nothing wrong with Brunell except his age. In the event that he gets hurt I have supreme confidence in the as yet untried, Jason Campbell. Campbell is going to be our franchise quarterback for the future years.

I had no idea Steve was such a Skins hater. What are you- a Bills fan? Or was it jets? Either way you don't have what I've got- hope.

Steve said...

Betts is good, sure. I have him on my fantasy football team, which is why I brought him up.

Brunell, eh.

I'm in no way a Skins hater! I just argue both sides. And yes, I'm a Jets fan, and yes, I have no hope whatsoever. No illusions either.

Rocket Surgeon, Phd said...

Bledsoe is like pacman. He has to move in straight lines. He's just a big statue standing there begging to be sacked.

Brunell is old-style football. He's rugged, rugged, rugged.
But yes, truly, I can't wait to see what Campbell's got.

Betts has all my confidence.
But look for a young TJ to have a breakout season. He's great for the surprise reception.
He's better than Betts and that will show itself.

Andrew Peck said...

I'm with Josh, I have no great love for Bledsoe.He would be one of my last picks for QB. I'm pullin' for the'Skins, I am solidly behind the Pats though.

Rev. Michael Jordan said...

Yeah, guys, great call on the Eagles.

A team whose only subpar season in the last seven was when the starting QB got injured in the first game, was never healthy and had to sit out seven games last year, but is now in the prime of his career;

a team who lost a premier placekicker in the league to injury but is now back and solid;

a team destroyed from within last year by the cancer that was TO;

a team that now runs 10 solid offensive and defensive linemen deep;

a team that now has a legitimate deep threat who opens the field for the amazing Brian Westbrook;

and, oh yeah, the best secondary in the NFL.

Yeah, a team like that is definitely cooked. They're obviously inferior to the Redskins in every way. Yeesh.

If I were you guys, I would hope Mark Brunell gets injured and Houghton's own Mark Brownell has to replace him. At least his best days aren't behind him...


BarefootKangaroo said...

Not what i wanted to read on Happy Day! I was impressed with their win against the Texans, but come on... it was the Texans. After opening week I want to amend my assessment. I still think the Eagles aren't going anywhere, but I now think that the Cowboys will finish last in the division. They lack soul, and are driven only by fear of parcell who is winter personified.

Rev. Michael Jordan said...

Tate, I love your Freudian psychosocial analysis of the Cowboys! That's the kind of stuff ESPN just doesn't give you. (and you're right, too...)

Regarding my Eagles post, my only regret is that I didn't read your stuff til after the Texans game. I think the Eagles will win or finish second in a tight division...


Steve said...

My favorite part about Mike's love for the Eagles is that his fantasy football team consists almost entirely of his Eagles. This means he never has to worry about rooting against his team, and can be doubly happy when they succeed. Rev. Jordan, you're a credit to your race.

Rocket Surgeon, Phd said...

"Overhyping all things Philadelphia" - is the only fun spectator sport to come out of said city.

Steve said...

As an unbiased observer who has close friends that are fans of every team in the division except the Cowboys, allow me to share some data from the geniuses at, publishers of the yearly Football Prospectus. Their computers projected the entire season 5000 times.

Philadelphia: 43.2% chance to win the division. 61.4% chance to make the playoffs. Average win total: 9.9.

Washington: 33.3% chance to win the division. 53.9% chance to make the playoffs. Average win total: 9.2.

New York: 16.9% chance to win the division. 35.6% chance to make the playoffs. Average win total: 7.8.

Dallas: 16.3% chance to win the division. 33.9% chance to make the playoffs. Average win total: 7.5.

Based on this analysis, I expect both the Eagles and Redskins to make the playoffs.

Rev. Michael Jordan said...

Oh man...Job, I confess that Eagles fans are a bizarre bunch. But I have to say--overhyping all things Philadelphia? This from a man who fills his (excellent, by the way) blog with pictures of his red validation cards from Houghton and paean after paean to Rutland and its quirks?

We all overhype our homelands...and you're right--it is fun to watch!

But you're incorrect as well--the Phillies and Eagles are fun to watch; the Flyers are passable; the Sixers are a train wreck.

Maxon--thanks for affirming my fantasy team. I'm getting a stern test this week and hope to hold on for a narrow victory. I love your team's name, too--"Ashes of Servetus" is a stroke of genius. I only hope there are enough theological-types in the league to get it.

sarah said...

holy crap.
and i mean crap.
what a waste of comment space.

(go skinz.)